Goodbye NYC

I started my Sunday with a 5 mile run (aiming for Oct 19 half marathon, we’ll see…), just sort of went one way from the hotel, then back the other way. I ended up running by the United Nations building by accident, so that was kind of cool.

After I showered we hoofed it over to church at Redeemer Presbyterian, which was fun. Singing with Kristina and Lauren was a weekly part of my pretty much my whole life from age 0 to age 17 and it was nice to do it again. We then wandered in search of some lunch food before I had to head to my train to go home. We found a macaron shop along the way. I bought one, just to try it and it wasn’t my favorite. It was too sweet and kinda boring. They sure are pretty though!
 photo 20140810_112611_zpsuom7k4n1.jpg

After lunch at a middle-eastern fast food place (delicious!), I bid farewell to my fellow travelers and took the subway to Penn Station and waited for my Amtrak train. Things that I will not miss about NYC: The crowds of people. Everywhere.
 photo 20140810_125222_zpsptjuv3yw.jpg

I then took the Amtrak train to CT, a taxi to the airport, two planes to ABQ, then drove myself home from the airport at about 2AM eastern time. Whew.
 photo 20140810_133356_zps4ktychzq.jpg

What a trip! The only thing that I would have liked to see but didn’t is the Natural History museum. As there is a Natural History Museum in Albuquerque which I haven’t been to yet, I don’t think this is a sufficient reason to desire to return to NYC. I had a fantastic time with two of my best friends and the consensus among us is that we’re glad we went, but we never need to return.


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