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We were originally planning to add on to this house in 2015, and included in the addition was going to be re-siding the whole house because the siding and the framing around the windows in particular is in somewhat sad shape. However, that addition has been put on indefinite hold for various reasons, mostly involving uncertainty in whether we really want to tie ourselves down to this house for the rest of our lives. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but an addition would be a huge financial commitment.

 photo IMG_62281_zps8d3f15ae.jpg

However, if we’re not re-siding we do at least need to repair some weather damaged window trim and re-paint, because the current paint is falling off and there’s not a lot of wood left to the window trim. The problem is rapidly getting worse in the intense sun, so we probably need to address this within the next couple of months. Please ignore the construction materials, etc on the front porch. Someday soon those will be moved down to the shop and we can have an enjoyable front porch that’s not filled with garbage. I can’t wait!
 photo IMG_62291_zps08a04fdb.jpg

So, do we tackle the job ourselves? It’s going to require some fairly serious ladder work on 2 sides of the house. The other 2 sides have roofs that can be stood upon to do the upper parts. If it were just that we needed to paint I think I’d go for it, but there is definitely a lot of scraping and sanding that we’ll need to do first. I think we will at least get a couple of quotes to see how much it would cost to have somebody else do it for us. Or maybe we do the parts we can reach and have the professionals do the parts that require serious ladders? Anybody painted their 2 story house and have any advice?

 photo IMG_62301_zpsb2eea3d0.jpg

 photo IMG_62271_zps501445e3.jpg

This is the current view from the front of the house. Any so-called curb appeal (not that we have curbs on which to stand and allow the house to be appealing) is utterly destroyed by that hideous propane tank. I believe that we are allowed to paint the tank, so that would probably help. Now for the fun question – what color should we paint the house? Neither Ken nor I like the current color. Sometime in the next six months we’re going to replace the rest of the original windows, so all the windows will have white edges at that point. Ken is campaigning for a tan color with white trim. I have yet to be convinced that that won’t just be super boring. Any thoughts? What about the propane tank? Maybe we should paint it in a cammo pattern so you don’t notice it!


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  1. 1 PS September 6, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Reposition the propane tank to the rear or bury it. Spray gun the siding (don’t use rollers or a brush). Falling off a ladder will be much more expensive than getting a bunch of contractors to paint it.

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