Many rules, much musical

These lovely water lilies are in Central Park.
 photo IMG_6101_zps1095c98d.jpg

Aren’t they pretty?
 photo IMG_6102_zps8466103f.jpg

There was a proposal going on four feet from us as I was taking these pictures. Don’t live in NYC, you can’t propose to your girlfriend without six tourists within a 6 foot radius.
 photo IMG_6103_zpse02502ed.jpg

Anybody know what these flowers are? I like them. Think they’ll grow in NM? Probably not, looks like the require water and they also look like they would be delicious to rabbits and other rodents.
 photo IMG_6106_zpsc3d5af97.jpg

Lauren, the intrepid explorer, has located a reservoir. Which you may ONLY jog around and ONLY in one direction. Don’t even think about bringing your dog or walking. There are SO many rules, I don’t know how people keep track.
 photo IMG_6110_zps9dfed649.jpg

We went to the Met, which was gigantic. And sorta boring, because it was an art museum, and that’s how they are.
 photo IMG_6115_zps1187f2de.jpg

They did have some suits of armor though, so it wasn’t a complete loss.
 photo IMG_6116_zpse4ff13b4.jpg

 photo IMG_6127_zpsdfd58acb.jpg

Boating in Central Park! What could be more romantic? I’ll tell you what: going boating somewhere else where you don’t have to wait in what appeared to be a several hour long line to pay lots of money for the privilege of rowing around a muddy pond for 20 minutes with 25 other romantic boating couples. Curmudgeon much?
 photo IMG_6130_zps62e4a027.jpg

Next we went to Times Square yet AGAIN and stood in line and actually bought musical tickets, then wandered roughly north and saw some famous locations. And did more shopping. Shopping is not exactly my favorite, but I did manage to buy something – a sweater, because we weren’t planning on going back to the hotel before the musical and I was wearing shorts and a tank top. That’s my souvenir from my NYC trip. I fail at shopping.
 photo IMG_6134_zpsaf964a8a.jpg

 photo IMG_6136_zpse0de216e.jpg

And THEN. After a gigantic burger for dinner, we went to see Phantom of the Opera.
 photo IMG_6140_zps87aa1f03.jpg

Look at how excited they are! It was incredible. Best musical I’ve ever seen. Fulfilled goal #3 of my trip. Must be time to go home.
 photo 20140809_195200_zpsgtioipjb.jpg


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