Adventures on the East Coast

I had a conference in Connecticut at the beginning of August. While planning for the trip I noted that I was going to be a mere 2 hour train ride from New York City. I figured that’s about as close as I’m likely to get, so I initiated a trip to NYC. First I asked Ken if he wanted to meet me out there. His response was something like “I can’t think of anything more awful.” So… I invited my sisters and friend, and Lauren and Kristina were kind enough to come!

 photo IMG_6033_zps1cb45d74.jpg

Picture from the train ride. I think the Atlantic ocean is out there somewhere. I have decided I’m traveling by Amtrak everywhere from now on. There was so much leg room! And huge windows! And free wifi! And electrical outlets! And a cafe car! And I could get up and walk wherever whenever I wanted to! Not sure that Amtrak is convenient to go anywhere from Albuquerque though…
 photo IMG_5951_zpse343f74e.jpg

I managed to find Lauren, who arrived at Penn Station about 25 minutes after I did (after a red-eye flight), and we headed directly to Times Square to see about musical tickets. We didn’t end up getting any.
 photo IMG_5952_zps205bba9e.jpg

Next stop, Highline park. It was kinda cool. Clever way to use an abandoned elevated train track, anyway.
 photo IMG_5957_zpsf128719a.jpg

There is wildlife in NYC. Who knew?
 photo IMG_5956_zpsf28d02ff.jpg

Chelsea market was… trendy. We enjoyed a tasty sandwich for lunch from the kitchen supply store place.
 photo IMG_5959_zps83938fe0.jpg

The next goal was Magnolia bakery. I didn’t catch why we were supposed to stop there, but it showed up on both Lauren and Kristina’s lists of things to see, and it was within walking distance. We got a cheesecake that we shared. It was… ok (and expensive). I could make cheesecake as good or better.
 photo IMG_5961_zps5540e6ab.jpg

Then we went up to Union Station, which was totally cool. Pictures don’t do justice to how big it is! People thought on a much grander scale back then.
 photo IMG_5975_zps2a000276.jpg

Look, there’s the Chrysler building too!
 photo IMG_5984_zps7acdb909.jpg

This is inside the NY public library. Another grand building!
 photo IMG_5976_zps5a60cccb.jpg

There were several free exhibits that we walked through and enjoyed at the library. One was about children’s books. These are the original characters that Winnie the Pooh was written about.
 photo IMG_5977_zpsb187bd1b.jpg

We also spent some time at Washington Square Park, ate Ethiopian food for dinner, and wandered down and found the Flatiron building, before meeting Kristina at the subway stop closest to our hotel late that night.
 photo IMG_5986_zps7be4eee7.jpg

Day 1: complete!


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