Memorial Day Manzanos camping

You may have guessed by the way I’ve not been posting anything that I have a backlog of things to write about, and the thought of getting caught up is just too daunting. The time has come. This was our camping trip over Memorial Day. That’s how far behind I am.

When we arrived, there was some fairly sizable hail on the ground. We felt thankful that it had hailed BEFORE we got there.
 photo IMG_5674_zps726b3f99.jpg

This is why they call it robin’s egg blue. So pretty! Ken accidentally scared the mom robin off of her nest and felt really bad. She came back through.
 photo IMG_5677_zps227d70b7.jpg

There were so many beautiful birds around our campsite!
 photo IMG_5682_zps92d7e53c.jpg

 photo IMG_5683_zps76d316ab.jpg

 photo IMG_5694_zpse30ae55c.jpg

We went on a hike to the top of the ridge. Dogs love hiking.
 photo IMG_5696_zps4a67d0f4.jpg

The dogs were VERY excited about the cows we met along the way.
 photo IMG_5697_zpsdc750882.jpg

This forest had burned a couple of years back.
 photo IMG_5698_zps4b781229.jpg

We didn’t quite get to the top of the ridge, because there was a very ominous and close crack of thunder and we had to turn around and scurry down the mountain to shelter. It’s a good thing we did. No sooner did we get back to the camp, than it started to hail. A lot. We sheltered in the car.
 photo IMG_5699_zpsb7351612.jpg

I told you it was a lot of hail.
 photo IMG_5701_zpsb0e62056.jpg

Oh dear.
 photo IMG_5705_zpsf917c350.jpg

Happily the sun came out when the storm was over and we dried everything out.
 photo IMG_5706_zps5d067001.jpg

Including Klaus.
 photo IMG_5708_zpsc14d9317.jpg

So we might be bad people. We let our dogs tear up this meadow in search of some rodent. They never caught it, but man was it funny to watch them try.
 photo IMG_5717_zps8f092a08.jpg

Heidi got a little bit chilly that evening. She needed a blanket and to be snuggled up to the fire. What a pansy dog.
 photo IMG_5719_zps4ce273d2.jpg

The next day we drove up to hike along the ridge. It was a beautiful hike with some beautiful views, but the windfalls from the fire were numerous and made for a lot of scrambling up and over. I think I counted over 100 that we went over.
 photo IMG_5724_zps53559773.jpg

From the ridge we could see the clouds rolling in, and by time they were looking like rain it was pretty late in the afternoon, so we weren’t going to have a chance to dry everything out before night. So we chickened out and went home. Which is a nice thing you can do when you’re camping less than an hour from home… And you know what? That was a good decision. It rained ALL night, and my bed was dry and I wasn’t sleeping half an inch or less from two big, wet dogs.


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