Gila backpacking trip

When I left off, our brilliant backpacking plan had been ruined by lack of water. Happily, the previous valley we had gone through DID have a stream that was running, and there was a trail up it. It was even on the bottom of the maps we’d printed out for our planned route, so we had some idea of what to expect.

Traditional embarkation photo. Note the stream in the background!
 photo IMG_5495_zps6c14e3bb.jpg

The Aldo Leopold Wilderness! Aldo Leopold was the guy who advocated making the Gila Wilderness, which was the first wilderness ever designated in the US. Incidentally, I think the name Aldo should be brought back. Also Leopold.
 photo IMG_5499_zpsc453ee84.jpg

I don’t know how well you can see this. This is a bear print. They were plentiful, as were fresh-looking bear droppings. We were glad we bought and brought bear cans.
 photo IMG_5545_zpse727a04a.jpg

A SNAAAAAKE! I think it might have been dead. It was not very energetic.
 photo IMG_5501_zps0d55aeb2.jpg

 photo IMG_5516_zps291a283c.jpg

We hiked a ways up – maybe 3 miles, then the stream disappeared. So we camped. The place where we camped was pretty cool though, there was this cave thing where we set up the kitchen.
 photo IMG_5504_zps8bec970b.jpg

We know how to eat while backpacking. Just not how to pack light.
 photo IMG_5505_zps41887ebb.jpg


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