Mr. Ken goes to Washington

Well, we both actually went to Washington. But I think the title is a movie reference. A movie I have never seen, so maybe I should be careful. Maybe it’s a horrible movie. How would I know?

 photo IMG_5299_zps57372889.jpg


 photo IMG_5300_zpscbe20ce9.jpg

We went to Washington to visit our families because we hadn’t been to our hometown together in a fairly long while. Christmas 2011, maybe. Ken had never met my sister’s beautiful, neurotic dog.

 photo IMG_5304_zpsa75c9a63.jpg

I was a terrible photographer and got basically 0 pictures of our immediate families. We saw everyone except two of my sisters, who had the nerve to be hanging out together elsewhere. Here’s Ken hiking though. I take pictures of him out of habit.

 photo IMG_5305_zps7498d2a9.jpg

We saw some of my friends from college, who all seem to be having babies for some reason.

 photo IMG_5306_zps3a16c976.jpg

We did some hiking.

 photo IMG_5314_zps8f81a706.jpg

This is rumored to be the tallest treeless mountain in the US. We didn’t climb to the top. But alas, we had a dinner date with my inlaws to get home for.

 photo IMG_5311_zps3e9370bd.jpg

You can almost see the yearning to be at the top in his eyes.
 photo IMG_5313_zpsdb98378c.jpg

Still had a nice view though!
 photo IMG_5308_zpsae44a4b7.jpg

We did have an adventure the day after this hike. But that will have to wait for it’s own post. Be prepared for epic.


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