First camping trip of 2014

Last weekend we camped for one night at Water Canyon campground in Cibola National Forest. After setting up camp we drove up the 4 wheel drive only road up the ridge. In the Civic. No problem, although the ranger who drove by did kind of give us the evil eye.
 photo IMG_5251_zps664be8c4.jpg

We only hiked for a little bit here, but I’d be interested in going back to explore more of this trail. It was pretty windy and chilly.
 photo IMG_5256_zps66d4db3f.jpg

Turns out dogs are VERY interested in peanuts. Which is good, because that Kirtland Signature trail mix has way too many.
 photo IMG_5261_zps75360030.jpg

There were a few little flowers up there. I bet there will be more in a couple of weeks.
 photo IMG_5265_zpsce7cc174.jpg

Because it was still snowing up there! There was a big flurry while we were driving back down to the campground.
 photo IMG_5266_zps7a4e385d.jpg

Typical camp shenanigans. We can’t seem to convince Klaus that he is NOT actually a lap dog. Ken doesn’t do too much to discourage it either, I guess.
 photo IMG_5281_zps28e4b30a.jpg

The evening was chilly, but we had a fire and brought plenty of fleece, so we kept pretty warm over night. The next morning was nice and sunny and warm. This is the view you want in the morning: a stove full of corned beef hash and well behaved dogs.
 photo IMG_5283_zps1363dd9a.jpg

We did a pretty long hike up a ridge the next morning because I am genetically programmed to go to the tops of things. Poor Ken puts up with it.

 photo IMG_5284_zps8831fedb.jpg


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