March miles

Tonight I’ve scheduled myself to finally plant the spinach and carrots and lettuce which should probably have been planted several weeks ago, but it’s super windy and it seems like it won’t be much fun. Welcome to spring in New Mexico! So I’m procrastinating by cataloging my mileage.

Go me.

Swam: 10800 yds
Biked: 146 mi. – all on the trainer, even though it’s been light enough for 2 weeks. For shame.
Ran: 7 mi.
Skied once.
Hiked: 6.75
Strength: 4

Not terrible, could be worse. I have a swimming tale of woe though. I decided not to swim last Friday because by Friday waking up before 6 becomes VERY unattractive and also realized I was only one swim away from my goal for the month, and Monday, when I normally swim anyway, was still in March. So Monday I got to the pool at 6:10 AM for my final mile of March, only to find it closed because of a chemical imbalance! Let that be a lesson. Don’t procrastinate.

I’m running 3X this week (Tues, Thurs, Sun), which is my normal non-plantar fasciitis schedule. I won’t go as far as I would have, but I’ve gotta see if I can get back into it. My foot feels alright today after running yesterday morning. We shall see.

Look at the dog. He’s sorta cute. He is begging me to go outside right now though.
 photo IMG_5233_zps7c180a3b.jpg

It’s still windy. Rats. Guess I have to go plant some stuff and let the dog go outside.


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