Zoological adventures

Ken’s dad was here last weekend, so we went to the zoo! I got some fun pictures.
 photo IMG_5084_zps50be01a3.jpg

This baby elephant was born in October. It is so cute!
 photo IMG_5087_zps9a377a28.jpg

 photo IMG_5093_zpsd581807a.jpg

This is one of the four new Tasmanian Devils. The only other zoo in the US with Tasmanian Devils is the San Diego Zoo, so the little Albuquerque zoo feels pretty proud of these guys.
 photo IMG_5106_zpsf096cb10.jpg

Rhino is sad.
 photo IMG_5090_zpsb1fc464a.jpg

Do they look related to you?
 photo IMG_5112_zpsfe9e02c0.jpg

This polar bear was playing with this big plastic thing by biting it and throwing it straight up out of the water towards the viewing place. He reminded me of my dogs!
 photo IMG_5061_zps977eed28.jpg

Peacocks are so beautiful.
 photo IMG_5117_zpse8c121cf.jpg

This baby is less than a year old. He had quite the hairdo going on.
 photo IMG_5118_zpsc8ebfd1f.jpg

Apparently you shouldn’t use things with palm oil in them because their habitat is getting destroyed by palm oil plantations.
 photo IMG_5119_zps62a09f01.jpg

Well hello, giraffe!
 photo IMG_5075_zpsaff07eb4.jpg

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