It is finished

We have finished the bathroom. A week ago Friday we had a couple of guys come out to re-coat the tub in white. The tub is cast iron, so getting it out for replacement would have been… difficult. Also, cast iron tubs are great, and it is in fine shape except for the black color. So, we’ll see how well this coating holds up. We don’t use that tub much except when we have guests over anyway, so hopefully the white finish will remain intact for years to come.

 photo IMG_5053_zps4670d721.jpg

I’m sure we wouldn’t have chosen black wall and floor tile if we had been designing the whole bathroom, but it’s in good shape and it seemed like a shame (and a lot of work) to pull it out. I think we’ve made it work tolerably well. The walls are the perfect place to display our friend Frauke’s beautiful color metallographs in some thrift store frames. I guess it’s our materials science themed room, since we’ve got the periodic table curtain in there. (I love how Heidi is always photobombing my pictures. She has to keep her eye on me.)

 photo IMG_5048_zps16d6d2af.jpg

Because I always wonder how much stuff costs when I see things like this, I’ll tell you. I think we spent approximately $1000 re-doing this room. The sink, fan, lights, and plumbing fixtures were pretty much the cheapest they had at Home Depot, so all of that together was right around $250. We really splurged on the toilet. With the seat it cost almost $290. You can easily get one for less than $100, I think. But… we really don’t ever want to replace it, and having a good toilet that… you know… sucks everything down seemed like a good use of money. Plus, it has this “Sani-gloss” finish that keeps stuff from sticking to it. And how do I say this without being gross?

I have tested it and it works.

Refinishing the tub ended up costing us $375, although we could probably have cut that down by $30 if we’d bought our own drain shoe and installed it. We ended up doing some other random stuff like replacing several water valves and getting some new wall hooks, toilet paper holder, and hand towel holder that cost a bit more, so that brings us right about up to $1000. I don’t know what bathroom remodels normally cost, but I feel like we have something that’s much more functional (working toilet, working shower plumbing fixtures, working sink faucet, storage under the sink, less obvious hard water stains) and considerably less bizarre and it was worth it.


2 Responses to “It is finished”

  1. 1 Cora Jean February 18, 2014 at 11:21 am

    We agree–big improvement! Bathrooms are about the hardest and priciest rooms to redo! Good job…

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