Let there be light

If you’ve visited our house at night, you can attest that it’s pretty much like being in a cave. It’s much better now than it was when we bought it (white walls are a huge improvement over dark grey) but the one overhead light is an amazingly weak light on a ceiling fan. The two el-cheapo Walmart floor lamps, while about a thousand times brighter than the fan light can’t light the whole space up to the ceiling which is ridiculously tall. We’ve lived in dimness for the past two years. I finally bought a table lamp (on sale for $29 at a local hardware store!), which helped, but still the cavernous darkness remained above.

My extremely talented husband came up with an idea to bring light to our living room a while back(over a year ago), but we (he) finally got around to implementing it during one of the weekends in January when we were not skiing because there was no snow. Now, our ceiling is lit by six LED lights sitting on top of our beam. Amazing.

So much LIGHT! Maybe it’s not the MOST attractive or chic installation in the world, but it was cheap, effective, and not ugly.

 photo IMG_5028_zpsc05f0e7b.jpg


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