More excitement in the life of Lisa

Aside from the thrills of storage area organization, our main excitement in the past few weeks has been the acquisition of a Costco membership. Oh my!

We’ve resisted for a couple of years because:
1. I don’t like shopping and I don’t need to spend any more of my life than absolutely necessary shopping. So if I can buy all my groceries at one place once a week, why would I mess with a good thing?
2. Remember how our house has no pantry? This will not play well with Costco. Also, until we bought the garage freezer last year, our freezer space was very limited.

So, what has changed (besides the freezer)? Well, we both were due for new glasses, and our experiences two years ago at two different Walmarts were both terrible. And Costco now accepts our vision insurance. It seemed worth it. And it was. No hassle, two trips, once to order, once to pick them up. Perfect. Also, my glasses are pretty.

 photo IMG_50381_zpsb2b6cfeb.jpg

The only thing I think we’ll be buying at Costco on a regular basis is the frozen sweet corn. The $55 a year is probably worth it just to have access to that stuff. I love it so much! Oh, and the roast chicken. Costco is directly on my way home from work, and with one of those puppies I can whip up a full meal with baked potatoes, corn, salad, and chicken within 10 minutes of getting home. As I am evidently programmed to be starving at 4:00 sharp, this is a huge plus. Plus we can get like 5 more meals out of one of those things if we make broth.

We really need to do something more exciting around here, at some point people are going to tire of hearing about my closets and what I ate for dinner last night. Not to worry, rumor has it Taos is finally getting some snow, so we’re headed up there an hour and a half before the crack of dawn tomorrow to see what we can find.


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