Warning! This post is about how I’ve organized my cupboards. It might be boring.

If Home Depot’s seasonal section is any indication, Americans spend Dec 26th on through January purchasing various plastic containers meant to organize all the stuff we purchased for Christmas. Well, Home Depot doesn’t know me! I started right after Thanksgiving! I’ve been doing some organizing I’ve been unable to do since we moved in two and a half years ago. This was facilitated by the arrival of my grandparents’… cabinet? Shelving unit? I don’t know what it would be called. Now it’s called our bedroom wall.

 photo IMG_5023_zps964cae03.jpg

Yes, we now sort of have a bedroom! This forms a wall, and I hung up some painters cloth as a curtain across as a “door”.
 photo IMG_5026_zpsc82ece4c.jpg

While having a semblance of a bedroom is kind of nice, the best part is the STORAGE! This one piece of furniture emptied three cardboard boxes that we’d been living out of because there was just no place for the stuff to belong. This middle section was built to contain my grandma’s extensive sheet music collection (she was a piano teacher and church pianist for years), but my music collection is rather smaller. It’s nicely contained closer to the piano in the piano bench and another cabinet that my grandpa built. Now Grandma’s music shelves hold our towels and sheets, sewing supplies and fabric, and various toiletries and medicine-cabinet type stuff that doesn’t fit in our tiny bathrooms. I’m not sure I can come up with adequate words to express how much better this is than the cardboard box system. It is SO much better.

 photo IMG_5024_zps5c749db2.jpg

Anyway, emptying those three boxes and installing the new oven (and thereby losing some drawer space) inspired me to tackle other organizational disasters throughout the house. It was kind of a domino effect, organizing one problem area led to the next and the next… So combine that with the tragic lack of snow in the mountains and the house is a lot more organized. I’d rather be skiing, but being able to find things is also nice.

From the laundry room.
 photo IMG_5017_zpsb0b76c69.jpg

To the water-heater closet.
 photo IMG_5016_zpse7a35034.jpg

To the bottom of the china cabinet
 photo IMG_5015_zps5f965fbc.jpg

(haha, just noticed the cat toy. Wonder who put that there?)
 photo IMG_5014_zps90e57f45.jpg

To under the sink.
 photo IMG_5010_zps6ea08b91.jpg

I even built this custom rack for all those pesky boxes of bags and stuff.
 photo IMG_5011_zpsc9c7f5ce.jpg

I also built dividers for the utensil drawer
 photo IMG_5012_zps218ff9ae.jpg

And dividers and sliding shelves (!!!) for under the stove.
 photo IMG_5013_zps59081b87.jpg

The latest project is cutting an access hole in the living room to the kitchen cabinet which exists behind the oven, but is totally inaccessible. Although this was my idea, I can’t take credit for the execution. Ken is our wall-cutter-into-er in this family. He did this tonight. He’s going to move the support to the sides of the opening, then put a cabinet door over it so we can store some more food back there. The lack of a pantry is a serious problem in this house.
 photo IMG_5021_zps6decc9ed.jpg

Other areas I’ve organized that weren’t interesting enough for pictures (given the boring-ness of the above pictures, can you even image how boring these places must be?!): The closet with the cat boxes, the new under-sink cabinet in the bathroom downstairs, the bookshelf upstairs, and the attic.

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past few months at home. Is this major re-organizational effort something that has to happen because we didn’t arrange things well when we moved in and have now figured out what works better, or is this something I’m just going to have to do every 2.5 years? Here’s hoping it’s the former.


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