Every time I visit family I find that I end up with a bunch of pictures of people. They don’t fit into any story really, except that they make me happy because I rarely see these people who I love. And they’re often doing silly things. Hopefully people don’t find these compilations as boring as I do when a certain very popular blogger posts a post with endless pictures of her basset hounds. But if you do, too bad. My blog, my pictures. Without further ado: portraits of my family.

Poorly focused moodily staring off into the sunset shot!
 photo MauiTrip365_zps7e20d4b5.jpg

Sister number 3, face in shadow.
 photo MauiTrip412_zpsa599857d.jpg

Husband, face not in shadow.
 photo MauiTrip402_zps44221649.jpg

Numbers 4 and 5, striking a pose.
 photo MauiTrip400_zpse803e68b.jpg

The mother in a hat.
 photo MauiTrip371_zps7de3fcee.jpg

Husband may be up to some hijinks
 photo MauiTrip360_zps81311847.jpg

I love taking pictures in the sunset light, can you tell?
 photo MauiTrip368_zps2806e98f.jpg

And this, this wins the award for my favorite photo of the trip. It perfectly illustrates their usual mode of interaction. Ken dorks around, Sara belly laughs at him.
 photo MauiTrip363_zps9258001f.jpg

In conclusion, at long last, we had a fantastic trip. It wasn’t long enough to spend with my family or to spend in Maui, but the steady employment for which we are so thankful seems to come with an expectation that we’ll work occasionally. Many thanks to my parents for all the planning and funding of the trip, and for raising a family that seems to get genuine enjoyment from being together, whether in Maui or somewhere less glamorous. Let’s get together again soon.


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