And she’s still not done posting Maui pictures

The majority of the rest of our time in Maui can basically be summed up by two words: boogie boarding.

My dad got some great pictures of us in the surf, but I was too busy playing to have any inclination towards photography. These are Dad’s pictures.
 photo Mauiboogieboarding_zps1379b030.jpg

I discovered the secret to body surfing is to wear a big loose running shirt which has the dual purpose of protecting your pale skin from sunburn and catching the wave like a big sail and propelling you along.
 photo Mauibodysurfing_zps4fb72ba3.jpg

We also managed to go snorkeling one more time. We would have liked to do more snorkeling, but the two other times and places we tried the waves were just too rough. We did, however, get to see a couple of sea turtles swimming. This picture taken by Sara, I think.
 photo MauiTurtle_zps885fa130.jpg

Hammock girls.
 photo MauiTrip349_zps4acfec63.jpg

That is a whale! Or at least the splash caused by a whale. We also saw dolphins, much closer to shore. It was amazing! Ken took this one.
 photo MauiTrip406_zpsfdaf623e.jpg

More waterfalls! Many bugs at this one.
 photo MauiTrip421_zps0d47d6f8.jpg

Christmas day, opening a couple of presents.
 photo MauiTrip355_zps414295a0.jpg

 photo MauiTrip356_zpsaf5aaedb.jpg

 photo MauiTrip358_zpsae30b475.jpg

Gigantic flower bush. On Christmas afternoon.
 photo MauiTrip359_zps369d8b9d.jpg

Next time we’re trying kite-boarding. Before this we shall have to get into excellent shape, I think. These guys did some crazy stuff.
 photo MauiTrip415_zpsce0b7aae.jpg

And one last Maui sunset.
 photo MauiTrip392_zps48a9c37c.jpg


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