In which our heroes get decked out in flowers and eat pig

The luau is such a magical experience that this clearly non-Hawaiian beauty has stars in her eyes.
 photo MauiTrip283_zpsd36f45da.jpg

All of us had stars in our eyes.
 photo MauiTrip278_zps35b29ee0.jpg

 photo MauiTrip279_zps13fccc20.jpg

 photo MauiTrip274_zps462b9e26.jpg

 photo MauiTrip285_zpsb40732a1.jpg

 photo MauiTrip293_zpsd9c81312.jpg

 photo MauiTrip296_zps78541d06.jpg

 photo MauiTrip294_zps2841e56c.jpg

 photo MauiTrip297_zps9a806f9f.jpg

 photo MauiTrip304_zpsb9c0e6e1.jpg

We ate a pig roasted underground.
 photo MauiTrip288_zpsdb8353b6.jpg

Along with plenty of other delicious food. And all the Mai-tais or other such alcoholic drinks your heart could desire. Except beer, unless you wanted Bud Light. Who even drinks Bud Light?
 photo MauiTrip301_zps862ef56e.jpg

The sunset was lovely.
 photo MauiTrip298_zps9c4cda0d.jpg

The band was amazing, and the dancers were impressive. We were quite confused as to how one can get ones hips to move that quickly. The last act was a fire dancer.
 photo MauiTrip337_zps085396cc.jpg

I don’t know how he did it. I think we were all impressed.
 photo MauiTrip340_zpse9c9d49a.jpg


1 Response to “In which our heroes get decked out in flowers and eat pig”

  1. 1 bmoozick January 16, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    Impressive fire dancer pictures! Looks like investing in fancy lenses pays off.

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