More sights along the road through Hana

On our first try to go see some waterfalls we had to turn back because a storm had caused the power line to fall down across the road and it wouldn’t be clear for a couple of hours. We took the opportunity to do some playing in pretty intense surf at a beach. I was being pummeled by the surf, so no pictures.

When the road was open, we made it to the near sea-level part of Haleakala National Park. Apparently when there’s no threat of rain up on the mountain (which, as far as I could tell from the three days we were out there, is never) you can swim in the pools at the base of the waterfalls.
 photo MauiTrip131_zpscb23ec71.jpg

This picture is further up the same river maybe 30 minutes later. The flow rate is much higher. I think we might be witnessing one of those flash floods they’re worried about.
 photo MauiTrip134_zpsb62f784d.jpg

You come around a corner on this fairly mundane and very buggy trail, and there’s this gigantic tree. It must be a very often photographed tree.
 photo MauiTrip135_zps0dd1907c.jpg

The hike goes through a bamboo forest. I’ve never been in a bamboo forest before, it was pretty cool.
 photo MauiTrip144_zpsec4b64f9.jpg

Final destination waterfall. Those tiny red dots are people. This was a sizable waterfall.
 photo MauiTrip146_zps10cadcbb.jpg

Next day we saw this red sand beach, which was agreed by many in our party to be the best beach we visited. We swam out to those rocks in the middle and climbed up on them, then jumped into the ocean from them. The calm side, not the wavy side. Ken was foolish and was destroyed by a wave that came over some of the rocks at the very base of this photo. All of us watching were pretty sure he’d been smashed up against the cliff and that we’d be pulling out his severely injured body. But no, he popped up laughing. He is going to give me a heart attack. We cannot visit the ocean any more.
 photo MauiTrip164_zps14749a43.jpg

Lunch spot on the way around the coast. Can you spot the waterfall into the ocean in the distance?
 photo MauiTrip165_zpse032be32.jpg

More rugged coast. These had a name, but I can’t remember. I want to say the 12 apostles, but I’m pretty sure that was a rock formation off the coast of Australia, not here.
 photo MauiTrip169_zpsa9fce74b.jpg

Hey, we lost the rainforest! What a relief.
 photo MauiTrip170_zps34140b00.jpg

We spent some time here doing some snorkeling just below those rocks in the foreground. This was my favorite side of Maui. It was totally desolate and beautiful. Just like places ought to be.
 photo MauiTrip171_zps27270e4c.jpg

Snorkelers heading out.
 photo MauiTrip173_zps9cd8978a.jpg

I like the desert views, so you get to be subjected to lots of them.
 photo MauiTrip176_zpsabfbe014.jpg

Dad didn’t want pictures of the windmills, but I like them.
 photo MauiTrip178_zpsd1965f70.jpg

I gave Sara my camera to take a picture of the sunset when we pulled over, because I was kind of entrenched in the back of the minivan. She did a good job!
 photo MauiTrip184_zpsded85598.jpg

But when you give your camera to your sisters, you never know what’s going to happen.
 photo MauiTrip186_zps582c2a4a.jpg

It occurs to me that I ended the last post with ridiculous pictures of them too… This may become a theme.


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