Wai‘anapanapa State Park

I was going to start this post with a picture of a huge spider, but Facebook takes the first picture and posts it on my wall, so we’ll save the huge spider for picture 2. You’re welcome, Facebook friends.

We stayed in a couple of awesome cabins at Wai‘anapanapa state park (say that six times fast) near Hana for two nights. They were so perfect – had a little hot plate, sink, and a fridge in the kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower! They had a nice big roofed porch for sitting outside (although bug spray was advised) and plenty of coconut palms for food. You think I’m kidding, but Ken put himself in charge of supplying us with young coconuts. I think we ate four or five of them over the week.
 photo MauiTrip117_zpseb1ae4b3.jpg

Ok, now we get to the huge spider outside (yay!) of our cabin at the state park. I should have put something next to it for size, but just imagine that diagonally from the tip of one set of legs to the tip of the other set is like three and a half inches. And it’s butt is shiny gold. So pretty! So creepy…
 photo MauiTrip77_zpsa531bb68.jpg

The cabins also came with a little stealth trail through the jungle down to the coast. Note I didn’t say beach. This part of Maui has what guidebooks tend to call a “rugged” coast. I’m not sure that “rugged” is really the right word. I think violent might be a better word for this coast. It’s huge flows of lava that end in the sea where gigantic waves crash against them. I tried to convey this in pictures by putting people in them for scale, but I’m not sure it worked. The ocean is probably 20-30 ft below these guys on average.

 photo MauiTrip81_zpsb06fe540.jpg

 photo MauiTrip85_zpsac4eebd4.jpg

 photo MauiTrip88_zps5e606bcc.jpg

 photo MauiTrip94_zps86bb6603.jpg

 photo MauiTrip104_zps297d486a.jpg

I have about a million pictures of this view at various times of day. It was just so awe-inspiring!
 photo MauiTrip113_zpsa0bc75e5.jpg

 photo MauiTrip157_zps62cdabeb.jpg

We spent quite a bit of time in the evenings and mornings down there watching the ocean and exploring the lava. In our cabin, the other evening activity was yoga with Sara. Both Dad and I gave it a try, but luckily nobody was around manning a camera for that.

 photo MauiTrip110_zpsfe8834fb.jpg

Right next to the ocean was this grove of cool trees, can’t remember their name. But they were cool. Oh, and I was there too!

 photo MauiTrip111_zps68613319.jpg

Since I’m writing about our stay at the cabins, I feel I might prevaricate if I did not reveal the following pictures. During a disappointing game of Phase 10 (is there every anything but a disappointing game of Phase 10?), two of my sisters, who shall remain unnamed, tried out their looks with mustaches. Not bad.

 photo MauiTrip153_zps76f0c49d.jpg

 photo MauiTrip151_zps70d90efb.jpg

We did more than just sit around our cabins growing mustaches and clamber around lava flows while we were in Hana, but I’ll save that for another day.


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