2014 – Wishing you a prosperous new year

Happy New Year!

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Because I have a miserable cold (Don’t worry Mom, it started to get better today) I started out 2014 in a NyQuil fueled slumber. We went to bed around 10 after catching up on some bad TV (the Christmas Special of Big Bang Theory was very funny). You wish your life was as glamorous as mine. Anyway, 17 minutes into the new year, there was a racket emanating from the downstairs room loud enough that it not only could be heard over the sound of the running water in the humidifier right next to the bed (again with the glamorous life), but also loud enough to pull me out of my NyQuil coma.

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Apparently Klaus is not a big fan of fireworks. The fireworks were in the next valley over and they didn’t wake me up. No, Klaus trying to dig his way through the wall air-conditioning unit woke me. He peed everywhere (as usually happens at least twice a day anyway), and I think he actually might have succeeded in pushing the A/C unit out if we hadn’t stopped him. That dog is lucky he lived through that episode. I think we both seriously considered using the shotgun to put him out of our misery. Good thing he’s so cute.

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While discussing 2013 and our hopes for 2014 with Ken before we went to sleep, I thought that Klaus had been the second worst thing about 2013. So far he’s definitely the worst thing of 2014. But you know what? When a dog that runs away, pees all over the floor repeatedly every single day, and wakes you up at midnight is the worst thing in a year, you must have a pretty amazing life! I sometimes still wonder if someday I’ll wake up from my awesome life which I don’t deserve to find I’m in Cleveland in the rain where I’ll promptly fall into a bathtub-sized pothole then get mugged. God has blessed us!

Here’s hoping Klaus is the worst thing about 2014! And may your 2014 be filled with less-naughty dogs than mine.
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