So we went to Maui…

Hope you all had a merry Christmas! We continued our Christmas tradition of going on tropical vacations paid for by our parents by going to Maui! This vacation brought to you by my marvelous parents:

 photo MauiTrip426_zps1fc5d3b8.jpg
(Picture from Dad’s camera, but obviously not taken by Dad)

They took all 10 of us to Maui for 9 days. Such generosity! Many thanks!

I have uploaded 97 pictures from the trip. It’s going to take me some time to post the other 96… A couple of my sisters have already uploaded their synopses to Facebook and done a lovely job. So, if you’re friends with them and are impatient, check out their albums. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Sea turtle!
 photo MauiTrip5_zpsa839a5bb.jpg

I tried to get pictures of the amazing road out to Hana, but it’s hard to get a good picture from the midsection of a moving minivan in the occasional pouring rain. So just imagine a one lane road with hairpin turns with no visibility. And two way traffic. In a jungle. It was so cool!

 photo MauiTrip7_zpsac97f059.jpg

Ken is pleased by the road and the jungle.
 photo MauiTrip9_zps62aff4be.jpg

Lauren is also. Maybe?? Is that how she looks when she’s pleased?
 photo MauiTrip15_zps1129c209.jpg

After lunch we did some exploring of a couple of waterfalls. This required facilitation of Bekah’s jump off of a bank.
 photo MauiTrip27_zpsc49b21ed.jpg

We also had to cross an aqueduct. Very adventurous!
 photo MauiTrip31_zps86cb255b.jpg

Apparently Maui-ans need irrigation water. Sara is puzzled.
 photo MauiTrip32_zps43392390.jpg

Sara steels herself for a plunge into the irrigation source.
 photo MauiTrip42_zps6b07ee81.jpg

She made it in!
 photo MauiTrip45_zps88d130de.jpg

Apparently it was chilly.
 photo MauiTrip47_zps83414c28.jpg

It was sort of a scramble to get to the pool.
 photo MauiTrip48_zpsa4059437.jpg

 photo MauiTrip54_zps80d007fe.jpg

Exploring a lava tube cave
 photo MauiTrip65_zps05c02889.jpg

Everyone contemplating the mouth of the cave.
 photo MauiTrip67_zps8956e27f.jpg

Lauren contemplates following Ken down “the firepole”
 photo MauiTrip70_zps1c3cf170.jpg

Lots of lava tubes around. This one was just hanging out under a bridge on the highway.
 photo MauiTrip73_zpsffa2c790.jpg


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