Skiing is fun!

A couple of weeks ago we dug out the cross-country skis and piled in the truck with my cousin and the dogs for a quick Saturday afternoon ski trip. We went to a city open space about 20 minutes from our house and saw only one other human.

 photo IMG_4517_zps416e7ab8.jpg

It was really beautiful, with the frost outlining all the Ponderosa needles and the sunset reflecting through the low clouds.

 photo IMG_4526_zpsecf68954.jpg

The dogs had a great time, although the fur between Klaus’s pads always builds up with snow and hurts his feet after a while. We’re THAT close to becoming those people who put booties on their dog. I can’t imagine they’d actually stay on though. Maybe we’ll try trimming the fur there before we go again. Here they are trying their best to destroy some rodent and digging up the whole meadow in the process…

 photo IMG_4511_zps5202b9b9.jpg

My snowboarding husband is getting more and more comfortable on skis. Soon we’ll have him good enough to go for a multi-day hut trip. And then we’ll just have to wait for enough vacation to do it!

 photo IMG_4512_zps2a9fdd78.jpg


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