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I don’t know how people survive extended kitchen remodels. Our kitchen was in a state of moderate disaster for two and a half days and it majorly cramped our style.

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Ken had measured before we ordered the oven to ensure it would fit. I knew we’d have to sacrifice at least part of a drawer to move the floor of the cabinet to fit the greater height of the new ovens, but I didn’t realize we were so close in width we’d have to remove the drywall to get the door on… This is before we realized we needed another two inches.

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Turns out that drywall mud, a new corner reinforcer thing, texture, and paint make a big difference. It looks moderately professional!

 photo IMG_4361_zpsa6ecbf04.jpg

And look at all of that oven room! The upper oven is a convection oven too, so all these cookies cooked perfectly evenly. Between being able to use full-sized cookie sheets and fill up the whole oven, it takes me about a sixth of the time to make cookies as it did before.

 photo IMG_4362_zps0c12e263.jpg

The ovens seem far better insulated than the old one was, so I wonder if the energy consumption will be similar (for one oven) even though it’s bigger.

We made a turkey dinner for a few friends to test out the oven, and it performed beautifully. Ken even found the time to cut the drawers down to size and re-install them. They’re actually much more useful now that they’re not as deep. It makes me wonder about making multiple shallow drawers on the other side of the kitchen.

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