I made some furniture

Look what I made!
 photo IMG_4292_zpsdabcf8a7.jpg

I followed the instructions from http://www.thechroniclesofhome.com/2012/08/tutorial-for-diy-x-leg-upholstered-bench.html pretty much exactly, except I bought 5″ foam by accident (JoAnne was a total madhouse, and after waiting forever for our number to be called at the cut counter, we didn’t want to run and get the right size foam when we realized we had the wrong size) and didn’t use any upholstery tacks.

Her stools were a bit less expensive than mine, my wood cost far more than hers for some reason. Perhaps there are cheaper places to buy oak than Home Depot? Anyway, the foam is by far the most expensive thing, it’s normally something like $70 a yard, although I got it half off. I spent approximately $100 for the two of these. Not exactly an el-cheapo bargain, but I think they’re going to work great as laptop holders for us, and easily portable seating for guests. Much more utilitarian than the too-big coffee table we had in there (which is currently gracing our porch…).

 photo IMG_4289_zps600f48a1.jpg

I think the biggest surprise was how easy the upholstering part was. It’s making my eye the piano bench, although that’s trickier because it’ll involve sewing. But I can sew…

If I were to do it again, I think I’d do the proper carpentry thing and use pegs glued in holes rather than nails and screws. It’s a pretty easy project, so it probably would be a good way for me to learn to do that. So far they seem rock solid though. Next furniture item I make I promise to try that method.


1 Response to “I made some furniture”

  1. 1 Zoae November 4, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    those are great! where do I place my order?!

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