I had one reader who guessed, and guessed correctly, about my location. This is the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal.
 photo IMG_4295_zps6477951c.jpg

It’s overwhelmingly decorated. I often find cathedrals a bit over the top, but this one I liked. I think it was the blue ceilings.
 photo IMG_4299_zps050d26c5.jpg

By the way, I did google basilica vs. cathedral, and this is not technically a cathedral. Cathedrals contain the bishop’s throne, and there is no bishop’s throne here. Basilica is more complicated to define, but I think “fancy church that doesn’t have a bishop’s throne” comes close.

 photo IMG_4312_zps64aba9c1.jpg
I wish I could go to an organ concert here! I wish they’d let me play the organ. I wish I knew how to make my hands and feet work at the same time so I COULD play the organ…

Don’t know what this building is, but I thought the flags in front of it were picturesque.
 photo IMG_4324_zps95e93117.jpg

The conference ended at 12:20 today (my talk was quite literally the final talk of the conference, and it went well and seemed appreciated by all five people in the room.), so I was intending to go see the botanical gardens this afternoon. (Which are apparently amazing) However, it is very decidedly raining a very chilly, wet sort of rain so I decided to spend the afternoon working out, getting packed up, and doing some actual work for my job. I’m not sure Halloween is the optimal season for botanical-garden viewing anyhow, although I am surprised by how many leaves remain on the trees here.
 photo IMG_4328_zps481b9379.jpg

Anyway, since I’m taking care of all that boring stuff this afternoon, I decided to splurge and go see the orchestra tonight! They’re doing Pictures at an Exhibition, Haydn symphony no 59, and Prokofiev violin concerto. Exciting! I can’t think of anything that sounds more snobby than going to the orchestra on Halloween. Don’t worry, here’s a picture of a train I was super excited to see. Snobby people don’t get excited about pictures of locomotives in front of cool looking bridges…
 photo IMG_4330_zps94b709b3.jpg

Montreal reminds me of Copenhagen, except with fewer cyclists. Maybe a cross between Copenhagen and Chicago? Chicago doesn’t have things like this, or at least I haven’t seen anything like that in Chicago.
 photo IMG_4332_zps10d9485a.jpg

This was on a statue of a dude who died at Trafalger. I don’t know that much about the battle of Trafalger, except it was a naval battle between the French and the British during the Napoleonic era. Off the coast of Spain maybe? I’m not sure what alligators have to do with it. Now I have an urge to read some more Horatio Hornblower. There’s nothing like a good novel about the British navy, and I haven’t read one in a while.
 photo IMG_4336_zpsf6ce9a70.jpg

Aw, look. It’s so cute when I try to be creative and show the juxtaposition of modern and old architecture! I’ll stick to engineering.
 photo IMG_4338_zpscbb245e4.jpg

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