Of ovens and cast iron part 2

Ok, so that was a kind of lame cliff-hanger in the last post, but I can’t just dole out all the excitement at once. I needed for you to savor my joy at how different the oven looks now that it’s clean, even though you didn’t see a before picture. Trust me. Feel the joy.

Felt the joy for long enough? Ok.

The oven holds a nice steady, accurate temperature, it broils pretty well, it heats moderately evenly. It’s problem: it’s small. It’s a 27″ oven, which means I can’t fit a jelly roll pan in it. Or a turkey. Very irritating. On occasion I’ve forgotten and made something on a jelly roll pan and had to put it in at an angle. Hilarious!

In addition, attached to that oven is a lovely microwave from the last millennium. I love that I can say that and it can be true. I don’t know how old the oven-microwave combo is, but based on the microwave technology, I’m guessing at least 15 years? Maybe 25? Anyway, it’s totally pathetic at heating anything. Not that we use the microwave that much, but seriously, even my parents’ ancient microwave could heat a cup of water for tea in 2 minutes. Not 3 and a half. You have to put butter in there for 45 seconds to heat it. I could go on and on. Total first world problem.

 photo 5e2d33fb-07f5-4a4a-a70d-52433b04813d_zps9a398b0a.jpg

So, to recap: oven’s smaller than ideal, and the microwave is irritating. Normally I’d live with it. But you know what? I have a job, and I am allowed to spend money if I want. And I want a new oven. In fact, I want TWO ovens. So, I found a Consumer reports top rated oven on the Sears outlet website for half price (because it’s got a few dents) on Saturday, we had an electrician come out to see if it’s possible to put in a new circuit for the oven on Monday, and then ordered the oven as soon as he left. (And then my helpful credit card company fraud alert-ed the charge and even though I approved it, Sears somehow canceled the order, and the upshot is that we’ve been trying since Monday to get this oven ordered and I’m not sure we’ve yet been successful. But this post was originally written later that evening after ordering, before finding out the order was cancelled.)

The current range, microwave, and oven are all running off of the same 40 amp circuit (which is apparently questionable, as the range itself is supposed to be a on a 30 A). The electrician, who is a guy we know from church, will be installing a new circuit, we’ll be re-arranging the cabinet by about six inches to fit the new oven, and it should be delivered on the 30th.

I’m feeling a little bit of buyer’s remorse (I mean, who really needs to use 2 ovens at once?!), but while I was waffling about buying it Ken commented, “I’ve spent more on a gun than on this oven.” So… Guess that makes it ok? I’m more concerned about the lack of space in our already storage-challenged kitchen that will be exacerbated by losing those 6 inches of drawer space to a double-oven and getting a counter-top microwave if we decide we need one. I think I could live without a microwave, but we’ll see. I guess we can always store pots and pans in one of the ovens. It’s not like we’re going to be using them both all the time.


3 Responses to “Of ovens and cast iron part 2”

  1. 1 bmoozick October 25, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Ovens are so much more useful than guns!! And I’ve found that hanging pots and pans on the wall makes a bit more space if you’ve got a wall.

  2. 2 Mom October 25, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    I was so inspired by the picture of your clean little oven. It’s sad that it’s leaving after such a cleaning. Also my barn seems to collect microwave ovens – I’ll share if you want. You could even have my old one that you refer to – it was purchased the year before you were born.

  3. 3 coldwork October 26, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Wow, a new oven gets my family all fired up! Too bad it’s not a gas oven or that would have been a great pun.

    Bethany, we’re kinda short on wall space, because most of it is windows. However, there is potential for stacking pots on top of the oven, if we were to get a pantry installed under the stairs to hold all the stuff that’s currently up there.

    Mom, you wanna put a microwave in your carry-on when we go to Hawaii? Might take you up on it then…

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