Of ovens and cast iron part 1

We picked up one of those cast iron pans for making corn on the cob shaped cornbread from Ken’s grandparents’ old house last Thanksgiving. Since then it’s been sitting in the garage awaiting cleansing, since it was pretty grody. Here’s where I should have a “before” picture. But I don’t. Trust me, it was greasy, dusty, moldy, and disgusting.

Ken had the sandblasting equipment out on Saturday to work on the truck (that’s a whole nother post right there), so I took a turn with it to see if I could get the nasty layer off. It sort of worked, but was clearly going to take more effort than I was willing to put into it. So, I searched the internet and found that putting grody cast iron through an oven cleaning cycle was supposed to take care of that nasty stuff. So, in the oven it went. The oven wasn’t that dirty, but I figured we’d see what it did to the pan anyway.

It turned all that nastiness into rust! The rust was easily removed with a scrub-brush and some soaking in vinegar, then I re-seasoned it. Voila!

 photo IMG_42711_zpsa620ee2b.jpg

Now comes the amazing part of the story though. I didn’t think the oven was dirty. But the light is an entirely different color, and so much brighter in there! I keep opening the oven to see it. It’s amazing! Just look at how clean that little old oven is! More about that little old oven in a few days…

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