Why is the government shut down? I don’t understand what it accomplishes for anyone. I have plenty of tea-partyish (or at least very conservative) friends, and none I’ve asked about it are happy that it’s shut down. So who is this pleasing? If you’re happy about it, maybe you could enlighten me, because there must be some reason for all this.

At least I hope there is something besides the general consensus among those I’ve polled, which is that entering Washington DC makes a person’s brain fall out.

 photo SANY2831.jpg
(His brain didn’t fall out.)

I will be taking 4 forced days of vacation on the 21st, then after that, it’s furlough for me! I wrote up a list of things I could accomplish around the house and filled up two pages of my planner, so I think I have enough work at home for a couple of months of furlough… The more I think about it, the nicer it sounds. Imagine having time to actually complete projects! However, many people don’t have a spouse with a job that can cover the bills during the shutdown. Those people aren’t going to be spending their nonexistent paychecks locally and there are enough of us that it’s going to affect the city (and the state, for that matter). So while I might enjoy my manual labor break from my desk job, for the common good it would really be best if our leaders would come up with some solution and keep us all working.

I guess we shall see what happens.


1 Response to “Furlough?”

  1. 1 Ronnie October 11, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    It may be that it doesn’t please anyone, per se. I’m just about as liberal as they come (I married into the wrong family, huh?), but I’m willing to give the regular people on the Right the benefit of the doubt, and go ahead and assume that their elected officials are just out of their mother-loving minds. The worst part is the shameless lack of responsibility these politicians show. I’ll agree that that’s on both sides, though. I swear, if I see another politician–you know, the ones that caused this all?–say that they NEED their paycheck, I may very well explode.

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