My dang dog and other tales of woe

It froze on Saturday night and my garden is pretty much history. We still have to pull the carrots and dig up the sweet potatoes, but the tomatoes, beans, peppers, and zucchini bit the dust. I picked over half a cat-litter bucket of green tomatoes. Maybe next year I can get them planted on time without anything eating all of them so that they’ll have time to ripen. Luckily my co-worker has requested green tomatoes so she gets a bag. I’ll eat a few fried as well. The rest of the bucket has been deposited in various paper bags in the closet, which my mom says will ripen some of them. We’ll see.

I spent most of last weekend, including my Friday off, working on this.
 photo IMG_4149_zps5d4c9f76.jpg

And now you’re all like, working on what??? I see a room with a lovely finished floor and ceiling, but hasn’t she had that finished for several months now? Yes, I have, but look at those baseboards! Putting in baseboards takes about a billion times longer than I think it should for such a little detail. We are not done yet. Cutting all those joints by hand (and yes, I cut all of them by hand) and getting them to line up right when your walls are not necessarily flat or perpendicular is a pain in the rear. It doesn’t help that we have weird window trim and pillars and fireplaces to go around. We’ve been working on those dang baseboards for MANY WEEKS and are not yet done. I’ve decided that trim is totally overrated and should be avoided at all costs. Also, that if I’m going to do any more of this I deserve a miter saw…

On the upside, my carpentry skills are growing by leaps and bounds. I totally installed a door handle and hinges all by myself on a door that Ken had started making for the crawlspace. It’s like a real door handle with a latch and everything. Unfortunately the designer neglected to take detailed stock of the hole where it is going to be installed and it needs some modifications if it is to fit.

And this is a picture of my naughty dog a few weeks ago. He was licking the heck out of his paw, which had some sort of sore on it (probably obtained while escaping from a $350 cube of chain link fence purchased the previous day because the $600+ electric and wood fence wouldn’t hold him), so he got the cone of shame and a sock. His paw is better, but since he totally freaks out and cannot be contained by six walls of chain link fence, he has been staying inside while we’re at work lately. This occasionally causes puddles or piles on the floor, but his newest thing is getting up on our bed, scraping the covers off, and sleeping ON THE SHEET while we’re out. Really Klaus? The quilt is not comfortable enough for your highness? You have to get down to the sheets? Luckily so far it’s been on Ken’s side…
 photo IMG_4133_zpsc4431572.jpg

That dog has mental issues and I don’t know how much longer I can last.


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