Seriously, this trip was amazing

The trail over Hoh head is in pretty bad shape. I don’t think it’s traveled too much. It wasn’t even raining, and I don’t think it had been raining much for the previous couple of days, but there was still ankle deep mud at points. Also, note how the trail seems to just end in a wall of bushes? It’s almost totally overgrown in places. If you were hiking this in the rain you would be soaked just from pushing through trees.

 photo IMG_3959_zps336bb7ad.jpg

There are several places where the edge of the cliff has slid down into the ocean, taking the trail with it. Many have ropes affixed to haul your top-heavy self up and down. This particular place was the worst, it was right near the north end of Hoh head. Just beyond this was a toilet (!), and several beautiful large campsites in the forest on the top of the headland.
 photo IMG_3967_zps3af31fd4.jpg

Somebody built a fort at the mouth of Mosquito creek. We decided it was high time for some rest before pushing on to our campsite.
 photo IMG_3968_zpsc23b473c.jpg

We were warned we might not be able to get across Mosquito Creek at high tide. I think we were only about an hour after a fairly high tide and had no problems. Of course, it might have been less attractive if it was cold and rainy!
 photo IMG_3976_zps0ecd5082.jpg

See that grin? She’s about to pull out her fishing rod and toss a lure in the creek. At this point we met the only two backpackers we saw all day. Mom and Dad swapped yarns (I presume). Ken, Lauren, and I swam in the ocean! I thought a lot of things about this trip, most of which would be that we’d be wet and miserable in the rain the whole time, but I never thought we’d actually go swimming! It was fantastic, and we were able to wash the salt off in the creek afterwards.
 photo IMG_3973_zpsf8924d83.jpg

After we had finished swimming, fishing, and delightedly wriggling our sore toes in the sand, and our tents and pads were dry from the short rain storm that happened just as we were packing up our tents in the morning, we pressed on up the beach for another two miles or so. We went approximately six and a half miles that day, and it was NOT an easy hike, what with boulders, mud, ladders, washed out trails, fording streams. Even hiking on the beach was hard after a long day – I found the hard sand at low tide to be really brutal on my feet. Pretty though!
 photo IMG_3978_zps68b6b6b4.jpg

We camped on the beach maybe a quarter of a mile south of the next, unnamed headland (the one that contains Goodman Creek).
 photo IMG_3984_zpsa4e5c1b5.jpg

Look, another gorgeous sunset! I have like 20 pictures of this sunset as it progressed, and I cannot decide amongst them which one is my favorite.
 photo IMG_3987_zps0bfaaafd.jpg

We had a fire on the beach every single night. And every single night I didn’t take any pictures of it. So here’s a picture of Ken starting it, at least.
 photo IMG_3997_zpsea6bd8a1.jpg

In the next installment: waterfalls, streams to ford, and giant trees.

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