Turbo dismantling

We pulled the turbocharger out of the truck. Those eight words don’t really convey the pain and suffering involved in that all-day event that was. Come to think of it, there were only about eight bolts. One per word. It just takes FOREVER when everything is stuck and you can only turn bolts a twelfth of a turn because there is no space.

 photo IMG_0621_zps37027798.jpg

It doesn’t help that the turbo’s all the way back scrunched up against the firewall.

 photo IMG_0622_zps438bab11.jpg

This is the replacement turbine guts. I don’t have a picture of the old turbine, but the exhaust side had most of the blades melted away. Also, the exhaust fitting behind the turbo was completely loose, and the oil seals at the bottom of the turbo were definitely leaking. We were ecstatic to find these problems, as it means that maybe this replacement will fix the truck!

 photo IMG_0663_zps60313b69.jpg

It’s going back together.

 photo IMG_0673_zps32993e15.jpg

This last Saturday we spent pulling out the exhaust downpipe, which was another ridiculous project which took a whole day and was extremely unpleasant. In the process of cutting off the top of the downpipe, which must be done to get it out, we accidentally ground through a diesel line, so now we have to wait for a new part to be delivered before we put things back together.

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