LA Day 2

We headed to the La Brea tar pits, which was awesome because I was fascinated by them when I learned about them as a kid.

 photo IMG_0395_zpsbfc9a303.jpg

Ken contemplates the wall of direwolves.
 photo IMG_0389_zps4d889a20.jpg

Help! We’re getting attacked by a giant sloth!
 photo IMG_0376_zpsb6ec4a3b.jpg

The museum is definitely of 70s design, but it was still cool to see the bones.
 photo IMG_0391_zps71fa002b.jpg

For the afternoon we went to the Getty Museum. It was a very pretty building, or set of buildings.
 photo IMG_0397_zpsbd55c8b7.jpg

I told Ken to make me a dresser like this. It was about the only art there that I enjoyed.
 photo IMG_0401_zpsc3fc6b16.jpg

The grounds were pretty, at least.
 photo IMG_0415_zps975aef49.jpg

 photo IMG_0420_zps366633a3.jpg

 photo IMG_0409_zpse1b494cb.jpg

There were large crowds there. This group struck me as particularly diverse. Never seen anything like that pink suit…
 photo IMG_0408_zpsd04bdf98.jpg

That’s a big freeway.
 photo IMG_0423_zps2a00973c.jpg

For dinner we went to Ports O’call restaurant, which was absolutely delicious. I ate far too much, but my swordfish was amazing. The bread was amazing. Ken’s scallop that he gave me a bite of was the best scallop I’ve ever eaten. Score one for Ken’s memories of food.


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