Things that make Lisa happy

The 4th of July!  Have a happy one!  It even poured rain for the first time this year two days ago so now those who try to light the place on fire with fireworks will have a harder time.

Bees on pretty flowers

Every time I see the refinished floor.  Man, it looks good.  Ken asked why we didn’t do it earliser, which is what we always wonder after we finish a project like that.  The answer is, of course, that we’ve been busy fixing walls, decks, trucks, Civics, M5s, gardens, fences, etc.  All those things take time and arent nearly as satisfying as highly visible projcts like floors.

Finally painstakingly sorting through all the office suplies and electronics and files and making spots for them in the office.  Some of that stuff has been living in boxes sinceI moved to Cleveland.  Six years ago. Not that we haven’t been using it, it’s just that a box has been its home.  I’ve spent three evenings working on it and I’m not yet done.  But there is finally a feeling of hope that it might be possible for me to finish.

Finally getting the piano tuned.  It didn’t respond well to being moved and tied to the fireplace.  It is now enjoyable to play, rather than painful.

Ken modding my bike so that the dual water bottle holder we picked up for super cheap at the REI garage sale will work.  It’ll be so nice to do a triathlon next week without a camelback.


Successfully hosting a party for some of my co-workers

Imagining all of the stuff which can move off the porch and out of the garage into a shop if we ever get one built.  No more pile of lumber, Porsche window, engine, transmission, engine crane, welder, lathe, air compresser, sand blaster, et.  And I can park my car where the Porsche is.  It will be bliss.

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