I guess not everything has been eaten

Lest you think that my gardening efforts have been an utter disaster, there are a few plants that haven’t yet been chomped. They’re all planted in containers on the porch or deck, so maybe that’s the secret to gardening here. Pretend I still live in a rental.

I built this flowerbox all by myself out of old 2x6s from the deck. Don’t remember if I wrote about it before. It’s the most sturdy flowerbox in the world! But the only thing I bought to build it was a box of screws because I ran out and needed like five more.
 photo IMG_0089_zpsf237570d.jpg

One side is herbs.
 photo IMG_0087_zpsc14c56ed.jpg

 photo IMG_0083_zpsdc5674e6.jpg

The other side is theoretically flowers, although they’re not really very flowery just now. But these Calla lilies in a pot are!
 photo IMG_0082_zps2fa435cf.jpg

We also put up an electric fence around the garden and tonight I finally planted a few replacement beans, tomatoes, and peppers. I don’t have high hopes that they’ll survive, but we’ll see.

Compounding the munching animals problem is that it’s gotten hot the past week, and pretty much nothing except things with spines thrives above 95 or so. The cactus are all blooming and I think you could actually see the tubmleweed and tackweed getting bigger if you were to stand still for five minutes and watch them.


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