Memorial day weekend Pecos wilderness

First of all, it’s my sister’s birthday today: Happy Birthday Bekah! Here are some pictures of New Mexico for you. You’re welcome.

Over Memorial Day weekend we checked out a small portion of the Pecos wilderness. (Jack’s creek campground and trails 25 and 257 if you’re curious.)

We hiked down and fished the Pecos river. Didn’t catch anything, it was clear our lures were approximately an order of magnitude too big for the little fish in that river. This is the first time we’ve ever gone fishing together, which means it’s been over 10 years since I’ve been fishing. Yikes!
 photo IMG_9982_zps84bce57a.jpg

These wild irises were everywhere, and totally beautiful! How come the elk we saw on three separate occasions over two days don’t eat them like the deer eat off my iris flowers at home?
 photo IMG_9984_zps4c74185a.jpg

Sleeping in! I picked up the book at a book swap for free, thought I’d read it since it’s so popular. I was not a big fan. Don’t think I’ll be reading the other two.
 photo IMG_9992_zps253baa2d.jpg

Enjoying a rest in an aspen glade 2 miles into an 8 mile hike.
 photo IMG_9993_zpsd6290285.jpg

Forest meadow where we ate lunch.
 photo IMG_0002_zps07987b8d.jpg

We so carefully posed the dogs for this photo, then they were behind the big tuft of grass which is so nicely in focus… Someday I’ll remember to turn off autofocus for timer pictures.
 photo IMG_0005_zps1fbe6abb.jpg

The dogs were still worn out on the drive home the day after the 8 mile hike. How adorable.
 photo IMG_0017_zps6016315d.jpg


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