Old news

I know this is old news by now, but it’s hard to find blogging time and motivation at the same time these days for some reason. Better late than never.

I believe I mentioned that Mom and Dad did some projects around the house. Here’s the ones I can remember:

Painted the front door. Isn’t it pretty?
 photo IMG_9915_zps9967f879.jpg

Removed the gooseneck hitch ball from the bed of the truck.

Moved dirt. Lots of dirt. We finished that job yesterday, and man did Dad move a lot of dirt!

Swept our road for cyclists.

Washed some windows.


Did dishes.

Built a concrete wall. Well, not all of it, but we got a good start. We’ve tripled the garden space!
 photo IMG_9917_zps601bdf2c.jpg

Pulled up trees.

Fixed the ice cream maker.

Did laundry.

Went under the house to trace our wiring.

Saved us from drilling a new well – this one’s big. Our shared water tower wasn’t staying full and the well pump was running, so we thought our well was dry. This is not an uncommon occurrence around here these days. We need some rain. Lots of rain. Drilling a well is a huge expense, and you never know whether you’ll hit water. Anyway, Mom was walking around our property and found a puddle, which is a sort of weird thing to find in the middle of a bunch of cactus. Turns out the pipe that goes from our and our neighbors house to the main line had a leak! That was a much better fix than drilling a new well!

Thanks Mom and Dad! You guys are welcome back anytime!


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