Mom and Dad’s visit pt 2

I posted the pictures of us canoeing already. The river was a bit lower even than when Sara and I went, but I think that actually made it easier to navigate because the shallowest parts that Sara and I hit then were islands. We put both my bike and the canoe on my Civic, which was a sight to behold, but apparently I didn’t get a picture.

The next day we went to Tent Rocks National Monument on the way up to Santa Fe.
 photo IMG_9811_zpsd113c7e8.jpg

There’s a very narrow slot canyon to hike through. Luckily Mom was kind enough to hold up this boulder for us.
 photo IMG_9808_zpsd82b669a.jpg

Slot canyons are SO beautiful!
 photo IMG_9825_zps25b59dbd.jpg

Dad and I hiked all the way to the top.
 photo IMG_9819_zps0a066769.jpg

In Santa Fe we tried out a famous New Mexican restaurant, where Mom bravely ordered the Posole… which showed up with pork skin in it. And then… some parts of the pork skin had nipples! I ate one. I can’t say I was a fan…

We then drove around in search of a parking spot and luckily found one with 40 minutes left on the meter, because I always forget that parking is ridiculously expensive near the square and didn’t have any change. We managed to find the Loretto Chapel (the one with the miracle staircase), but I had forgotten the camera in the car, so no pictures there either. That night there was a baroque concert which Dad had brought up attending, but we decided we didn’t want to go enough to get back super late from Santa Fe. Well, when we got to the chapel, the baroque ensemble was practicing for their concert that night! It was perfect, because the mezzo-soprano wasn’t there, and they played everything we would have wanted to hear anyway!


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