Hello world

Look who came to visit!

 photo c5b16717-2e7d-46bf-813d-3161c779b0fa_zps97727e27.jpg

They stayed for a whole week, and we had a blast! They did a lot of work around the house too, which was great.
 photo IMG_9794_zps9af4c78d.jpg

In the middle of all this Ken ripped the injectors out of the truck and re-built them. There are a LOT of little pieces in a diesel injector! Those are actually the biggest pieces there…
 photo IMG_9787_zpsa2e7da72.jpg

But he got them all put back together and back in the truck and now belches far less smoke. (Also, note the red door in the background? That was one of Mom and Dad’s projects.)

 photo IMG_9840_zpse9582048.jpg

I went to San Antonio for work.
 photo IMG_9899_zpsbd8bd8a4.jpg

We (and Mom and Dad) built another garden wall, but I haven’t taken a picture yet and now it’s dark.

This weekend we went camping pretty much an hour directly south of our house in the Manzano mountains. We climbed up Bosque peak and got up above the trees where there was a great view. Also, the dogs tried out their packs like champs. Aren’t they cute?
 photo IMG_9906_zps94daaebc.jpg

 photo IMG_9914_zpse3630639.jpg

Ken found some turkey feathers and jauntified his hat.
 photo IMG_9912_zpse6e1bc89.jpg


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