Last week’s highlights

  • My sister is a fantastic guest!  She  cooked us breakfast, made cookies twice, vacuumed, washed dishes several times, walked the dogs, helped me plant peas, and was overall a delight.  She also accompanied us on some grand adventures.  We miss her already.
  • Klaus conveniently came down with a raging bladder infection after the vet had closed on Friday.  While I love Klaus, I don’t love him enough to pay to take him to the emergency vet over the weekend.  So, I asked the internet what to do and it told me to give him raw apple cider vinegar and cranberry supplement.   Lo and behold, it cured him!  I was hoping it would just tide him over until I could get him to the vet on Monday.
  • I took Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon off to hang with Sara.  I’ve decided that this is the life, and shall be quitting half of my job.  Perhaps not, but wouldn’t it be nice?
  • The truck now starts AND has passed its emissions test.  Tomorrow morning we register!
  • We’ve managed to start tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and artichokes inside, and plant peas, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and some flower bulbs that Ken’s mom bought us outside.

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