New Blue

Remember the creeper van?
 photo IMG_9604_zps2863db06.jpg

Remember how we sold it and were overjoyed? Well, we have found its replacement. May I introduce the truck.

 photo IMG_9703_zps6886b06f.jpg

Note that merely hours after purchasing it Ken is already deep in its bowels. Well, replacing a light is hardly deep in any bowels, but still.
 photo IMG_9702_zps087dff2c.jpg

Also, minor detail, it turns out that it won’t start unless the block heater’s been plugged in. It’s not like it’s been THAT cold, so current theory is that it needs some new glow plugs. Guess that’s what happens when you get a good deal on a used truck that’s got 270k miles on it already. I have every confidence that Ken will get it fixed, and we paid just over half of what we were kind of willing/planning to spend on a truck, so even if it needs a couple of hundred dollars in parts we’ll come out better than what we planned.

Our requirements were that it be a Ford F-350, long bed, 4×4, diesel, crew cab, with cold blowing A/C. Ken’s desire was that it was a manual transmission. Both of us liked the old bodies best. I’ve always wanted a blue car. We had no expectation of getting all those things. But we did! It’s a truck miracle!

The miracle truck needs a name. Any suggestions?


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