2 years!

I wrote this a week ago, planing to post last Tuesday, but with all the skiing (Taos and Angel Fire last weekend) and the working, and the cleaning the house, and the visiting family, it never got transcribed to the interwebs. But better late than never.

Today, I have been married to my partner in crime for 2 years. Woo! So long! Or not. Haha, feels kinda lame. But it also feels great!

  • He got me chocolate, cheese, and 0.44 Special ammo for Valentine’s Day.  The man knows that cheese is the way to my heart.  Also, that I refuse to shoot the 0.44 Magnum…
  • We’re both INTJs, me more I, him WAY more T and J.  I’m not entirely sure of the implications of that fact, but I think it somehow explains something about us.
  • Every now and then one of us says to the other, “Did you know we used to live in Cleveland, and now we live here in this slowly becoming more beautiful house with these ridiculous animals?”  It’s still surreal that we could be so blessed.
  • He cooks voluntarily, and cleans and grocery shops cheerfully when asked, and he can fix everything.
  • Every time he leads Sunday School, which I can’t attend because we practice the music for worship then, I hear rave reviews.

I could go on and on, but I’ll end instead by saying that we are blessed and looking forward to many more years together.  At least I am.

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