Wolf Creek trip

We spent the weekend in Pagosa Springs, CO skiing Wolf Creek to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. I didn’t take many pictures, and I find play-by-play vacation descriptions somewhat boring without pictures, so let me summarize the interesting points of the trip. In no particular order:

 photo SANY4328_zps33018b24.jpg

We saw a flock of wild turkeys on the way home.

There was a huge quantity of snow at Wolf Creek, something we are sorely missing in NM this year.

 photo SANY4330_zps41955b44.jpg

My uncle’s friend Pat told us an incredible story about an avalanche class he took. Don’t get caught in an avalanche, you probably won’t survive.

The hot springs resort “Healing Waters” is nice – maybe not fancy, but it sure was a nice temperature after skiing.

 photo SANY4331_zps765c37ad.jpg

I would definitely go back for a long weekend. There’s lots of of free groomed cross country ski trails and free ice skating (if the pond’s frozen) in addition to the most snow in CO and hot springs. It also looks like a fun place to visit in the summer and bring the mountain bikes.

My 1st cousin once removed needs some more exposure to the great outdoors before he’s as enamored with it as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He was evidently pretty upset when he got snow on his boots. I’m sure he’ll come around.

 photo SANY4332_zps974cc479.jpg

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