Decorating trends I just don’t get Vol II

Happy Valentine’s Day! I should be on my way to an awesome weekend of skiing, so I shall leave you with a second installment of Decorating trends I just don’t get.

White kitchens. Every single fancy kitchen has white cabinets. Apparently everybody in the world except me is enamored with them.

I had white cabinets once. In Cleveland. I spent far too much of my life trying to scrub them so they didn’t look disgusting.

Now, my kitchen currently has hideous grey cabinets, so perhaps this is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black (or white?), but I feel justified in complaining because I didn’t choose the ugly gray. We intend to replace it at some point – it’s down the list below refinish the floors, replace the stairs, replace the railings, and build a shop though. So it could be a while…

But back to white kitchens: Why?! Do you enjoy scrubbing cabinets? Does your spaghetti sauce not splatter everywhere and leave red marks behind? Does your husband not coat the entire kitchen with oil splatters when he cooks? (Not that I’m complaining, I love that he’s a great cook. If I have to clean up some oil every single time it’s totally worth it.) Inquiring minds want to know.

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