My plan to get out of all household chores

As I write this (on Friday morning, procrastinating from working on my interview seminar) there is a machine washing my dishes, a machine washing my clothes, a machine drying more of my clothes, and a machine vacuuming my living room.

My new life goal is to invent a machine that will clean my bathroom. Then the only regular periodic household chore left will be dusting. Oh the dust! So much dust! Short of evacuating the entire house, which would have many problematic practical aspects, I can’t think of a way to get out of that one. I have a theory that paving our road would cut down on the dust, but I don’t have that kind of money just now.

However, if I invent a bathroom cleaning robot, I WILL have the money to pave the road, because a bathroom cleaning robot would be SUPER popular and I would be billionaire. So all I have to do to cut down on dusting is invent a robot.

I’m on it.

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