January was a fluke

I have an announcement: In January I missed 0 workouts.

This is definitely a new record.

I am short from my planned running mileage by 0.65 miles, but that’s because last week during my run my hip started to hurt with the old IT-band pain that kept me from running for a few months 3 years ago. I knew from experience that it’s not the sort of ache that goes away if you soldier through, so I cut short the run.

I’m still calling the month a success.

I ran 13.85 miles. Don’t make fun of me. It’s progress from 6 in December…
I biked (well, on the trainer indoors) 60.7 miles
I swam 5200 yards = 3.23 miles.
I crossfitted 8 times.

Last January my mileage was pretty significantly higher, but there was no cross fit.

So, since it was such a success, what went right?

1. I wasn’t about to miss a cross fit class I paid cold, hard, credit card for. Also, I’m having a blast, so I didn’t want to miss one.

2. It’s definitely easier to make all your workouts when there’s only 6 per week instead of around 11 per week.

3. Running is hardest for me, but I”ve been trying to convince myself that all I have to do is get home from work, change my clothes, and start running and it counts. After I get started I generally finish the whole planned run anyway. It also helps that the dogs LOVE going on runs. Making them happy is a little extra incentive.

4. I’m only doing each sport once per week, so there’s no feeling of, “Oh, I can skip this run because I just ran the day before yesterday and I’ll run again the day after tomorrow.”

Conclusion: The only thing I can carry through with me after the cross fit class ends is number 3. So I guess I can’t expect such success in following months. Last year February and March were pretty bad months in terms of percentage of planned workouts actually executed. Hopefully I can do better this year.


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