In which I try to convince myself that it’s ok to buy things once in a while

I am writing this from my brand new laptop! Well, it’s not really brand new, it’s refurbished from Newegg. I originally ordered it about a month ago, one showed up, I used it, and it blue screened about once an hour. I sent it back. Newegg replaced it, and I’ve had this one on for about two hours now since it arrived today and no blue screening. It’s also much faster than the last one, so I’m thinking something was seriously wrong with that last one.

Anyway, this is to replace my desktop that was my graduation gift from my parents. Graduation from high school. 10 years ago this June. I’m so old! Also, the laptop I bought maybe 4 years ago (already 3 years old when I got it…) that literally takes 20 minutes to boot up. It’s not like we really needed another computer. Not counting those two I just mentioned, Ken has a giant gaming desktop and two laptops, and I have a tablet. So I feel pretty guilty getting a laptop. That’s the American consumerist way though, right?

I wanted something I could use sitting on the couch next to Ken for typing and reconciling our finances each month. The tablet really doesn’t cut it for typing, and one of Ken’s laptops (his high school graduation gift) is on it’s way out – the screen is nearly totally shot, so we’ve hooked it up to the TV and use it to watch shows online.

I guess I’m trying to make myself feel better about being so greedy as to need a new old laptop. This is why I can never get a new car – why replace the Civic if it still works? How greedy and wasteful would that be?

I’m going to turn out like my dad. I’ll still be driving the same car in 30 years. My children will beg me not to leave the car to them in my will.

Well, there could be MUCH worse things than turning out like my dad. I’d be delighted if I turned out like him, minus the 72 Oldsmobile.


1 Response to “In which I try to convince myself that it’s ok to buy things once in a while”

  1. 1 bmoozick January 30, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    We have 4 tablets of sorts and 4 laptops in various states of functionality…I feel greedy too. Plus the iPhones…We need to sell something

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