Day 8, in which we wait around a lot

Day 8 was spent waiting.

We waited for several hours to get off the ship. We then waited at the airport for 5 hours for our flight. We did have one interesting thing happen – we met Ken’s thesis advisor, Dr. Schwam, in the airport! Apparently he was there for Christmas for vacation. What are the odds of that?! (Dad, he says hi, I keep forgetting to pass on this story when I call you.)

My cousins graciously picked us up (and dropped us off, for that matter) in Albuquerque and made us some delicious posole when we got home, which was the perfect welcome home gift. We were greeted at home by lots of dog pee and poop messes. Stupid dogs.

Our conclusion about the whole cruise experience is that we would prefer to go somewhere and stay rather than cruise. Of course, if anyone were again to offer to take us on a cruise we wouldn’t turn it down – we had a nice time, and it was a good way to spend time with Ken’s family. However, we are too lame for the activities on the ship in the evenings. Of course there’s nothing to prevent you from curling up with a book, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that the evening entertainment isn’t a selling point for us and I think it is for some people. I wrote about the food the other day – it was fine. The excursions felt rather commercial, and were kind of expensive, and I felt like there was so much in each port that we didn’t get to see in just a few hours.

We agreed that we would make an exception for a cruise to Alaska someday, because it seems like a good way to get to Alaska, and the types of excursions offered there might be more up our alley. We enjoyed the excursions we did, but a lot of the options – an all-inclusive day at the beach, a day shopping, etc. weren’t things we would have enjoyed. Hiking on a glacier or sea kayaking? We could get into those!


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