Not a cruise post

Look at me, blogging every other day. Such dedication. I’ll tell you a secret – all those cruise posts were written in one sitting and scheduled. It’s not cheating, it’s efficiency.

We were intending to go skiing this weekend, but the land of enchantment has been really warm this week (I think it was close to 60 on Friday), and it actually rained yesterday, here and at most of the ski resorts. Hooray! Really, the rain is good. Just wish it could have been snow. Anyway, we didn’t go skiing.

But I did go to the zoo with my cousins for a little while on Friday afternoon. The toddler’s favorite was the peacock. He’s into close personal encounters.
 photo IMG_9660_zpsb15f998f.jpg

Actually, the peacock might be my favorite too. Look at those beautiful colors!
 photo IMG_9657_zpse60f99a4.jpg

This is my sister’s favorite animal. Or it was last I checked. For you, Bethany. There’s a baby one at the zoo, so you know you want to come visit us. If only to see the baby giraffe.
 photo IMG_9664_zpsb6989087.jpg

Saturday morning we sold our 12 passenger van!!! Just in time, the registration was due in four days. I now feel like a much less creepy person. Now the hunt for a truck begins. We (Ken) are very picky. If anyone has a Ford F350, 7.3L powerstroke diesel, long bed, crew cab, 4×4 truck, manual transmission for cheap let me know. Oh, and we don’t want a white one. Which is problematic because apparently approximately 87% of all Ford F350s are white.

Since we were over there, and since we had a coupon, we stopped at REI to see if there was any good clearance stuff we might need. And lo and behold, there was. Ken had previously threatened to move out if I get Vibram fivefingers, but I pointed out that he has recently purchased quite a few things I’m not too excited about, therefore if I wanted to get some shoes for 70% off I felt rather entitled. He agreed. And said now he gets to buy a double barrel shotgun. If he can find one for $30 he’s welcome…
 photo IMG_9676_zps27e88fe5.jpg
And yes, those are pirate pajama pants. You wish you were as cool as me.

Saturday we braved the threat of rain and went for a little hike with my cousins. This could be a great picture except for the expression on my face. Haha.
 photo IMG_9670_zps25a3da81.jpg

The boy was not so impressed with hiking. A few minutes later we got pretty soaked and he was even less impressed.
 photo IMG_9671_zpsa415595c.jpg


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