In which I make a bold declaration about technology

I know some of my faithful readers are awaiting blogs about our cruise with bated breath. We’ll get there. There’s only so much vacation summarizing I can do at a time.

We went skiing at Santa Fe on Saturday. The snow was soft and light despite being several days old. They need one more good snow to get everything entirely covered (I hit a great many rocks), and there were some glades and bowls not open yet. However, it was a lovely day and we had a blast. Skiing in NM is unique in that you look off the top of the mountain and can see something other than other mountains. In fact, you can see across the desert nearly to Arizona! It’s pretty cool.

On the home front Ken stained the bench supports on the deck so now all it needs is the bench boards screwed on, Ken finished putting up all the ceiling trim, Klaus hasn’t peed on the floor in nearly two days, I made Roman blinds for the kitchen and they were so easy, look so good, and work so well that I’m making more for the office windows, and the Roomba has improved my quality of life more than any other single bit of technology I have ever owned. You can keep your smartphone, there’s no way it could do anything more wonderful than vacuuming my house for me.


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