Thanksgiving trip II

After camping two nights, we drove up to Austin to stay wtih Ken’s Aunt. Ken’s Dad was also there from California. While there we inspected all sorts of stuff from Ken’s grandfather to see if we wanted anything. There are three houses on the property, two of them filled with unclaimed stuff. We claimed a dining room table set which needs some work, a rocking chair, and a desk. Also, Ken’s inheritance from his grandfather is this Lincoln.


It really is a beauty, and it doesn’t look like it needs much work. It was re-painted and re-upholstered and running when it was parked – maybe 10 years ago? Before his grandfather started to decline.


Anyway, we’ll need to make another trip to Texas to pick it all up and trailer the car to Albuquerque. Guess we’d better get a workshop built, because I don’t care if the car is here or there, but we could really use the dining room table sooner rather than later…


As I mentioned on Thanksgiving, we spent it with Ken’s entire extended family on his Dad’s side minus one cousin. They were very nice, and I didn’t take any pictures of them because I didn’t want to be the weird new girl who does nothing but take pictures.

The day after Thanksgiving we flew to Denver for my Grandpa Justin’s funeral. It was good.


We all miss him, but it was also a great celebration of his life and love for Christ.


I think one of the testimonies to how great my grandparents were is that my grandpa and aunt from my other side (Dad’s) came to the funeral. From the east coast. For Thanksgiving away from their families. And now would be a perfect place to put a picture of them, but I don’t have one. So weird picture of an anonymous sister instead.


After playing piano for a few sparsely attended funerals for grandparently aged people here, I’m glad that my family is so close.


On Saturday we flew back to Austin, ate real Texas BBQ with Ken’s aunt, then commenced the long drive home.


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